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On Wed, 09 Jan 2002 "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at hyperactivesw.com> wrote:
> Scott Raney <raney at metacard.com> wrote:
> >It has to be (not surprisingly) a popup button (i.e., menuMode popup,
> >button contents set to the menu items you want to display, menuPick
> >handler in its script).  The other properties don't matter, and the
> >button will typically be hidden or placed off screen.  It does need to
> >be in some open stack, though.  Then, use the command "popup button
> >whatever" in a mouseDown or mouseUp handler to open that button's menu
> >panel at the mouse cursor location.
> Is there a way to pop the menu up at a designated coordinate?

Hmm, it looks like "popup <menu> at <coord>" is supported for menu
panels (stacks), but not for button popups.  I'll bug report this.

> Mac popup
> menus appear in a static location instead of at the cursor location.

First, let's get the terminology straight.  There are actually three
types of "popup" menus used on the Mac.  The first is what in MC
terminology are "option" menus (the Motif name for these things),
which open over a button and allow you to make a selection from a list
that replaces the button label.  The second is the MetaCard standard
definition of popup menus are, and they popup at the mouse loc
(typically on the Mac by control-clicking).  The third are those
things you're talking about, which are actually more like pulldowns
than popups because they open below the button clicked.

> Also, on the base button (not the hidden one with the menus in it) is
> there a way to get the little down arrow at the right edge, or do we
> still need to implement it as a graphic?

You need to implement it using a graphic (or image).  Support for
automatic drawing of that little arrow is on the feature-request list
already but hasn't been scheduled yet.

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