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Thu Dec 19 13:00:01 EST 2002

Thank you for a response.

I noticed about a strange message pass of a background.

The message which occurred on a card is passed to BG:
       card --> background group --> stack

This varies that a message occurred on a control:
       control --> background group --> card --> stack

Generally, not become a problem, but had better be careful.

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Dar Scott wrote 02.12.19 09:27 AM:
>On Thursday, December 19, 2002, at 06:25 AM, UDI wrote:
>> Groups and the Message Path:
>> Since a group owns any controls that are part of the group, the group
>>  isin the message path for those controls.
>> Groups that are placed on a card are also placed in the message path
>>  of card controls on that card....
>Suppose there are a couple nested groups with controls, a background 
>with some controls and some controls not in any group on a card.
>The path for controls in the nested groups looks like this:
>    ... control --> inner group --> outer group --> card --> stack ...
>The path for controls in the background group looks like this:
>    ... control --> background group --> card --> stack ...
>But, the path for controls _not_ in any group looks like this:
>    ... control --> card --> background group --> stack ...
>Note that the background group is in the path after the card for 
>controls not in any group.
>(Now, I would have hoped that this would have applied to the first 
>controls, above, too.  Unfortunately, this means my field grouped with 
>up-down buttons does not behave the same as my field.  I can't think of 
>a grouped control as a control.)
>Dar Scott

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