Avoiding mouse polls

Thomas Rodriguez thomas.rodriguez at free.fr
Sun Dec 15 12:47:01 EST 2002

Hello everyone, this is my first step in this mail-list :)

Ken, I do have some ideas about what you want to do. I recommend you
doing "idle-interception":
 set the idle delay of Rev to some good value, which will be your
highlight delay, and implement something like this:

ObjectsList might be a comma-delimited string or an array


global LastObjectHighlighted,ObjectsList,MouseWasClicked

on idle
    if MouseWasClicked then
          -- reactivate the loop now to avoid repeating bugs if ever the
target's script has any
          put false into MouseWasClicked

          -- do the click-commanded stuff, IE send a message to the
        send "DoMyStuff" to [object type] (item LastObjectHighlighted of
    end if

    -- clear current object highlight, if ever
    send "UnHighlightMe" to [object type] (item LastObjectHighlighted of

    -- check for last object and switch to next
    if LastObjectHighlighted = number of items of ObjectsList then put 0
into LastObjectHighlighted -- 0 as we always add 1 after
    add 1 to LastObjectHighlighted

    -- here, highlight the next object

    send "HighlightMe" to [object type] (item LastObjectHighlighted of

    pass idle -- never to forget !
end idle

on mouseUp
    put true into MouseWasClicked
end mouseUp


Note that using custom properties causes a hard-drive access in most
cases AFAIK. Prefer global variables where you don't need to share data
with other objects/cards/stacks

Kind regards.

    Thomas Rodriguez
    oldtimer from the massive HyperCard users community worldwide :)

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