newbie question: How clik text field?

Sarah sarahr at
Sun Dec 15 17:26:02 EST 2002

I am assuming that the script to show your help is in the field itself, 
so a manual click pops up the help. In that case, your random handler 
can do something like this:

set the hilitedLine of fld "List" to x
send mouseUp to fld "List"


On Friday, December 13, 2002, at 09:35  pm, Esa Kivelä wrote:

> Greetings aggain from Finland
> I like to code standalone where some text field and when button is 
> pressed its randomly select some line from text field and show it.
> Why? Here is some backround: I have group of my firends and we 
> training some meditations and so one and they succest that we can 
> randomly select wich one training we take at every time.
> Ok that random seleceted i have coded but how I code follow:
> When some line in the text field si choosen, then I like to clik that 
> line by mouse and voila a help text field about that specific training 
> pops up. Anyone can help me with this one?
> I have noticed that ine the RRs manuals there is some clickText 
> function but HOW to use that..there isin't any good example where to 
> learn how to use it...
> Thanks at advance
> EsaK
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