Whiskey vs Whiskey

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Wed Dec 11 21:38:01 EST 2002

As a reformed American bartender, I would like to add my 2 cents.  In the 
American South, Whiskey means Burbon.  There are essentially two Burbons, 
Sour Mash, like Jack Daniels, or Straight Burbon.  In other parts of the US, 
Whiskey means Rye Whiskey. If you want Irish or Scottish Whiskey, then 
preface your order with these names, or mention the specific brand name.  
Since early American settlers drank cheap corn and grain whiskeys like water, 
the moonshine they made in the back yard acquired the generic name "Whiskey". 
  Americans have a long, honorable history of making cheap potent home brew 
and grain whiskey is probably the easiest to make.  Let's not forget the 
Great Whiskey Rebelion.  

Mike Williams

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