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At 17:38 12/12/2002 +1100, David Vaughan wrote:

>On Thursday, Dec 12, 2002, at 17:04 Australia/Sydney, Monte Goulding wrote:
>After the "Glens" try Lagavulin and Laphroaig for completely different 
>tastes, especially the latter one.
>5 down, more than 95 to go...

There are quite a few and I am sure I've not tasted all of them yet 
:-)  The two you mention are among my favorites
although I am sure there are some better ones.

If anyone is interested you can do a whisky tour of Scotland and savour our 
many (alcoholic) delights. Also if anyone wants more information have a 
look at the Scottish Malt Whisky Society:

As well as offering whisky they have a nice place to meet and offer cheap 
accommodation to members. You can also join if you don't live in the UK as 
they have various branches abroad.

For those who prefer beer why not try those brewed by the Caledonian 
brewery (, or if you want something 
stronger try Orkney Skull Splitter :-) I can assure you it lives up to its 
name! (



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