Keeping the hilitedLine of a scrolling list field

Alan Gayne alanIra9 at
Wed Dec 11 20:27:01 EST 2002

Hi Igor

you might want to try this:

on mouseUp -- in the list fld - fld "myList"
	put word 2 of the clickline into lineNum
	set the cHilitedLine of this card to lineNum
end mouseUp

on preOpenCard
	set the hilitedLines of fld "myList" to cHilitedLine of this card
end preOpenCard

I think that should do the trick since I have successfully used a 
variation of this in a list dialog I've built

Let me know how you make out.

On Wednesday, December 11, 2002, at 05:03  PM, Igor de Oliveira Couto 

> Dear Rev Friends,
> I need to keep the hilitedLine of a certain scrolling list field of a 
> card, so that if the user leaves the card while an item in the list is 
> selected, then comes back to the same card later, the same item is 
> still selected in the list. I also need to save the hilitedLine from 
> session to session, so that next time the user opens the stack that 
> line will still be selected.
> I tried saving the hilitedLine into a custom property, whenever it is 
> changed (selectionChanged, arrowKey, mouseRelease). That part is 
> working fine - it does, indeed, know which line is SUPPOSED to be 
> hilited. However, the problem for me has been to try and get the 
> *&^%^*#@#$ line to hilite when the user re-enters the card! I've tried 
> putting commands to set the hilitedLine on openCard and on 
> preOpenCard, but it just does not work...
> Interesting side note: if the user moves from card to card by using 
> the arrow keys on the keyboard, Revolution AUTOMATICALLY 'saves' the 
> hilitedLine. If the user uses a background button group (which is what 
> I am doing) then it does not...
> All help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Kind Regards,
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