Reports DataPro, Rev, and Blender3D

Jim Witte jswitte at
Sun Aug 18 20:44:00 EDT 2002

> before finally selling
> it to the present owners, who have done nothing with it.

  Hmm..  Anybody else see The creator of the popular 3d
modeling program (the page says over 250,000 registered users) has reached
an agreement with the people who know own it (NaN Holdings) to open the
source code as GPL if he can raise 100,000 Euros.  I'm not exactly sure what
the history of Blender is, or how NaN came to hold it (read slashdot..), but
NaN, like Reports, was not doing much with it.  The Blender foundation,
after only 4 weeks, has already rasised over 80,000 (in intent, actual
donations in the bank are about 60,000).

  Maybe that's what's needed for Reports.

jswitte at

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