Field Losing Focus? - Correction

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If you want to update the insertion location, you can change the script of
the button to this:

on mouseUp
   put the hilitedText of field 2 into tText
   put tText after char (the selChar of fld 1) of fld 1
   set the selChar of fld 1 to ((the selChar of fld 1) + length(tText))
 end mouseUp

It's not an optimal solution, but you can't have selections in two fields
(an insertion point in one and a selected chunk of text in another), so you
have to "fake it" somehow. My suggestion would be to use some kind of
graphic character as a fake insertion point in field 1 triggered on the
mouseLeave and on the resetting of the selChar in the button so it doesn't
look like there is no insertion point in field 1.

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> This is a good workaround.  However, it doesn't completely solve the
> problem...
> If your typing in field 1, then click a choice in field 2 and click the
> button, under your scenario it should work.  What happens when the user
> clicks another choice from field 2 and clicks the button?  It's very
> that a user could choose as many as 5 or 6 choices -- in a row -- from
> 2.  Do you really think that maintaining the location of the cursor is the
> best solution?
> Do I not understand the "traversalOn" property?  Shouldn't this work
> a workaround?
> Thanks!
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