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Arthur Evans Jr evans at
Mon Dec 31 14:39:01 EST 2001

At 11:17 AM -0500 12/31/01, Ivers, Doug E wrote:
>If I remember right, HC had the handy searchScript tool, though I can't seem
>to find it in my HC book.  Does Rev have anything similar -- the ability to
>search all the scripts of a particular stack file?

At 10:37 -0800 2001.12.31, Geoff Canyon wrote:

>Find and Replace on the Edit menu. Check out the In: popup.

Thanks -- I had been looking for that but hadn't gotten around to
posting a question.

But: How come 'Find and Replace' isn't in the Edit menu when the
Script Editor is running?  And for that matter, there's a 'Find'
tab sometimes at the bottom of the Script Editor window, but all it
does when I poke it is beep.  How do I use it?

Actually, what I really wish for is some hints on where to find
answers to these questions in the documentation (such as it is)
that comes with the product.  I do RTFM, but it all too often
doesn't help.


Art Evans

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