Two questions

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Sat Dec 29 13:22:11 EST 2001

At 10:40 AM -0500 12/29/01, Richard D. Miller wrote:
>Unlike OMO, for example, when I set the stack height in Rev to something
>beyond the depth of the screen, I don't get a scroll bar in the card
>window...the window just extends down beyond the bottom of my screen. I see
>no function in Rev to change the window type to a zoom, for example. So how
>do I work with a card/stack deeper than screen depth?

I'm also (mainly) on a Mac. I don't know much about OMO -- so maybe this is a feature it has that sounds pretty nice. In any case, you need to build this yourself. You don't want the window to be taller than the screen, just the objects in the group. The rough procedure (someone with more experience with this leap in with corrections) is:

-- Create a window the appropriate size (not bigger than the screen)
-- Create the objects you want to scroll. If you're doing it programatically, it's easy to set their locations to be beyond the bottom of the window. If you're doing it by hand, use the properties palette.
-- Group the objects. If you're doing this by hand you might want to do this before creating the off-screen ones -- that would allow you to simply edit the group and then add the offscreen controls.
-- Set the height of the group to whatever you want (presumably the height of your window, or something smaller still if it's just an area within your window)
-- Set up  a scrollbar.
-- Use the scrollbarDrag message to set the vScroll of the group. Note that the default values for a scroll bar will almost certainly _not_ be suitable for this: they're way too big.



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