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Richard D. Miller wow at
Sat Dec 29 10:43:01 EST 2001


Your suggestion seems to make a lot of sense, conceptually. One main thing
I'm not clear on (I'm on a Mac).

Unlike OMO, for example, when I set the stack height in Rev to something
beyond the depth of the screen, I don't get a scroll bar in the card
window...the window just extends down beyond the bottom of my screen. I see
no function in Rev to change the window type to a zoom, for example. So how
do I work with a card/stack deeper than screen depth?


> At 6:43 PM -0500 12/28/01, Richard D. Miller wrote:
>> A more difficult question:
>> I'd like to create output on a card in which each line contains a
>> combination of a colored bar followed by text. The length of the bar would
>> vary in each line. In other words, each line of text needs to be represented
>> as well by a bar of a specific length, based on the information in the line.
>> The information on each card will have to scroll, as there will likely be
>> 60-100 lines of information per card. Suggestions on how to do this in Rev?
> You can create a group of objects, resize it to be smaller than the objects it
> contains, and then scroll the group using the vScroll property.
> gc
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