Open Certian Folder & Filter

Eva Isotalo eisot at
Sat Dec 15 11:57:01 EST 2001

Hi Josh,

Try the following:

on mouseUp
   answer file "Select your mp3" with "C:/someFolder/anotherFolder/"
   play audioClip it
end mouseUp

The filter part I suggest you sort them in separate folders and have the 
user click a "MP3-button" or "Wav-button". But there may be a better 
solution for that.

Hope this helps some.


At 20:46 2001-12-14 -0800, you wrote:
>     When I do this command...
>on mouseup
>Answer file "Please Select a '.MP3' or '.Wav' to play..."
>end mouseup
>I want it to show a certain folder every time you click the btn. Also, I
>want it to filter to just '.MP3' and '.Wav' Files. How would or could I do
>  - Josh Dye
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