A very hard Syntax to figure out...

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Tue Dec 11 20:53:01 EST 2001


You don't need to use "graphic" when talking about images. So you can just
use this line instead:

  set the name of image id 1013 to "Test1"

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Subject: A very hard Syntax to figure out...

> Hey,
>     I need a bit of help. Ok, here is the syntax I am looking into...
> on mouseup
>   set the rect of stack "test1" to screenRect()
>   hide stack "test1"
>   import snapshot from rectangle the screenRect
>   set the rect of stack "test1" to the screenRect
>   show stack "test1"
>   set the rect of stack "test1" to 300,300,500,500
>   --set the name of graphic "image id 1013" to "Test1"
> end mouseup
> Ok, the line ({[  --set the name of graphic "image id 1013" to
Test1"  ]})
> doesn't work. What I want it to do, once it took a picture of the stack is
> to set the name of that graphic to a different name. So, when I do it over
> and over again, I want it to have a different name every time I do it. I
> also want to save it somewhere. One big question... Can you open a graphic
> from a syntax command line and have it appear?
> What I am basically doing is tiring to get a screen from computer 'B' and
> have that picture open up on computer 'A'. I want to send the command to
> take a picture of computer 'B' from computer 'A'. I can do the networking
> part of that... I don't want anything to change on computer 'B' while I do
> this. Anything would be quite the useful thing.
>  - Josh Dye
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