Find/Replace feature

Ben C. Fetherston, Jr. bfether at
Tue Dec 11 19:10:01 EST 2001

I have been attempting to create a script in a database stack that will
automatically change particular key letter combinations into a word or
phrase within a field when the field is closed.  I have a script that works
great with the "replace" command.

However, the replace command will not "find whole" words, but will replace
the letters within another word.  The key letter combinations all have a
space at the end, so the words that get changed that I don't want changed
are the ones that end in the particular key letter combinations.

I have tried to use the "find whole" command in a script, but can't seem to
find a command to change the selectedText.

I have tried to use the replaceText function, but I can't seem to avoid the
same error message, even though I have entered the command the same as it
appears in the Dictionary.

Any suggestions?

Best regards.
bfether at
bfether at
Ben C. Fetherston, Jr.
Clark, Lindauer, Fetherston, Edmonds & Lippold, LLP
Salem, Oregon USA
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