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Wed Dec 5 20:08:01 EST 2001

If you don't want to receive messages on the subject, then why 
subscribe in the first place? Joining three messages into one won't 
cut down on the amount of reading that people have to do and it will 
make it harder to see which thread(s) you are interested in and so 
will make it harder work to everyone else.

I'll post as many messages to the list as the list mom allows, if 
it's all too much for you then just un-subscribe or use some filters 
to get better control of your mail. I receive over 200 messages a day 
and I can cope. I don't read em all, I just use filters to push them 
into mail boxes that I scan occasionally to see if there is anything 
of interest................ Might I suggest you implement a similar 


>     I would just like to say that I am getting WAY too many E-Mail messages
>a day. I think we all should really cut down on the sending of the E-Mails.
>I have at least 400 un-read messages that I don't nearly have the time to
>read. I get at least a minimum of 50 E-Mails a day just from this list(s).
>So, I am just asking you please to cut down on the E-Mails that you send.
>Perhaps you could combine 3 messages into 1 E-mail. Do whatever, just if you
>could please try to cut down on the Messages.
>Thank you all.
>  - Josh Dye
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