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Wed Dec 5 20:05:01 EST 2001

Josh Dye wrote:
> Hello,
>     I would just like to say that I am getting WAY too many E-Mail messages
> a day. I think we all should really cut down on the sending of the E-Mails.
> I have at least 400 un-read messages that I don't nearly have the time to
> read. I get at least a minimum of 50 E-Mails a day just from this list(s).
> So, I am just asking you please to cut down on the E-Mails that you send.
> Perhaps you could combine 3 messages into 1 E-mail. Do whatever, just if you
> could please try to cut down on the Messages.
> Thank you all.

How about if you unsubscribe yourself and one of us can send you an
edited edition of our monthly exchanges just so that you don't have to
go through al the non essential stuff yourself.
We can even make sure all scripts posted actually work and comment them
where necessary.
Promise to keep it short and entertaining to the max with lots of
pictures (wink, wink).

>  - Josh Dye
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 Regards, Andu

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