Error when using Scroll Bars

David Burgun dburgun at
Wed Dec 5 12:16:02 EST 2001


Since the posting below I have tried using it some more and am 
getting the same type of error all over the place!

This is the system I am running it on:

Mac PowerBook G3/233/192
MacOS 8.6

Is this a known problem? It's pretty unusable as it is now.

Thanks in advance for any advice
All the Best

>I just downloaded the trial version of Revolution and was playing 
>around. The first thing I did was to create a Scroll Bar. It 
>defaulted to Horizontal, I double-clicked it, selected "Scroll Bar" 
>Tab and then selected "Vertical" which produced the following error 
>  * There was an Execution Error at 12:56:20 PM
>Error description:  Chunk: can't select object that isn't open
>Revolution User Interface Error: Object: card id 1002 of stack 
>"revErrorDisplay" of stack "/YouthfulIndiscretion/Desktop 
>Folder/Revolution 1.1 Classic/license.rev"
>select line 1 to 7 of fld "error"
>Value: openCard
>Should I be worried? Is the software still usable? Is there an update?
>Thanks in Advance
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