OpenField Message

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Wed Dec 5 11:38:01 EST 2001

At 10:05 PM +1100 12/5/01, Matt Denton wrote:
>Not sure why an OpenField message is being sent every time a card is opened, is that normal behavior?
>Try this: create a new stack, add two cards, add a field to one of the cards and put:
>on openField
>	beep
>end openField
>and type 'go next cd' and return a few times in the msg box. A beep!   
>Is this something to do with Traversal On?  The field isn't opened but the message is being sent.  Checked through the documentation but could find nothing.
>Any help -- logic and reason behind this -- would be of help.

If I remember correctly, the first field gets focus when you go to a card, because on non-mac platforms, it's a requirement that if anything _can_ have the focus, one of those things must has the focus at all times. One way around this is to have another field outside the bounds of the window, at a lower(?) layer than any other field, so that it receives the focus.



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