Program won't open

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Sun Feb 27 20:18:12 EST 2005

On 26 Feb 2005, at 21:23, Shari wrote:

> Every so often I get a bug report that someone tried to launch the 
> program, and it wouldn't launch.  More of a blink while it flashed on 
> the dock or something, but never actually opened.
> I finally took a moment to follow up on one of these reports, after he 
> told me he had a firewall and Norton's antivirus on his computer.
> I created a blank program that does two things when it launches:  it 
> creates a text file in the Preferences folder, and it creates a text 
> file in the game folder.  That's it.

It works here. But could it be that the users who have problems don't 
have write permission for the application folder.

I would assume that the user who installed the app will have 
appropriate permissions. But the following two situations would cause 
an error:

1.  The user installs under an "admin" account, but uses it under a 
"plain user" account.

2. The app was installed by one person, and then used by another with a 
different account on the same machine. Ie. installed by "Mom" and then 
used by "the kid".

To avoid this kind of problem, it's probably better avoiding writing to 
the application folder.


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