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Quentin Long cubist at
Thu Oct 28 20:28:18 EDT 2021

In case anybody actually was curious to know how to type an infinity symbol: On a Mac, the keystroke is option-5.
Also on the Mac, there's a cute thingie called "Keyboard Viewer" which does what it says on the label. KV displays your entire keyboard, *and* it shows you the complete set of characters you can get when you hold down the option key, as well as shift-option. It also nicely accommodate the "dead keys" which let you type characters with accent marks.
If you've set your machine up to display the "keyboard" dealie in the menubar, you can access KV from there. If you haven't done that, you can do it by bringing up System Preferences > Keyboard, and clicking on "show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar"… well, that's how it is in MacOS 10.13.6; I make no guarantees re: how Apple may have rearranged things in other OS versions.
And if you neither have the "keyboard" dealie in your menubar, nor *want* to have that, bring up SysPref > Keyboard and click on the "Input sources" tab. This option isn't *quite* as nice as the genuine KV—it doesn't really handle "dead keys"—but it can serve. Again, caveat re: Apple mucking with OS versions, yada yada yada.

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