Improving the Community Edition with external tools

Heriberto Torrado htorrado at
Sat Oct 30 22:13:07 EDT 2021

Dear Livecode experts,

I'm working on creating / merging / compiling some Golang external tools 
to be used with the Livecode Community Edition (I know nothing about 
C++, just, Go, JS, and Livecode).

So, the Livecode Community programs can call external and independent 
programs to access databases, SSH servers, encryption stuff, etc..
Using this technique we can jump over the non-included encryption 
options of the Livecode Community version and we can improve it.

These "tools" will have a BSD License.
These tools will work on Windows, Mac & Linux (and maybe on Android & 
IOS in the future).

My intention is also to publish documentation on how to use these tools.
These programs will be completely separate from the Livecode, so as far 
as I know they do not have to be distributed using the GPL license.
Is that true? If yes, we can use the Livecode Community Version to 
create semi-commercial software.

Another question:

Do we already have a virtual place to meet those users who want to fork 
the Community Edition?

PS, I tried to move from Livecode to Fyne (Golang graphic tool), but it 
is still very limited and I don't like Flutter because I see that Dart 
programming language is only used with Flutter (Dart server is almost 
dead). Livecode has been my favorite RAD for 8 years and I don't want to 
throw away all that time and knowledge.

Heriberto Torrado
​Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
​Director de informática
Directeur informatique

*NetDreams S.C.* <>

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