Our survey - please don't discuss :)

Sean Cole sean at pidigital.co.uk
Thu Oct 21 19:11:59 EDT 2021

I'm guessing I haven't and won't get the survey because either you already
know my gripes, or, more likely, my opinion counts for nothing here.

Normally my gripes get overlooked in favour of some 1-5 user 'feature' like
FMP integration @ $400/seat. Like purchasing a 2-year licence for HTML5
with the promise that it would get fixed (following an Edinburgh visit with
Ian at LC) (which it didn't so I couldn't use because it was so dysfunctional)
then told I would have to buy the next licence on the promise that the new
one (LC10) will work this time. It literally makes me nauseous right now
just typing about it. How immensely pee'd and dump'd on I feel. You guys
put me in hospital more than once. And as 85% of my livelihood is dependant
on LC it won't be long before ridiculousness like this put me back in.

Asking people to fill out a survey will only cause more of your users to
become disappointed when 'their' extremely valid top 10 bugs get lost in
the flood of other people's, probably only based on how many remember the
same matching ones. When 'theirs' don't get fixed, it will only feed their

My advice is what we all have to follow on a day to day basis - fix all the
base-level stuff like fields, buttons, graphic, groups and their
inconsistencies. Then UX/IDE elements like the messed up script editor (so
we don't have to use 3rd part ones), dictionary (so we don't have to use
3rd part ones!), user guide (so we don't have to use 3rd part ones!!),
project browser (so we don't have to use 3rd part ones!!!) and property
inspector (so we don't have to use 3rd part ones!!!!). THEN, move on to
higher-level stuff in the language code and extensions.

You don't need a survey to work that out. Just get on with it! You want to
know what the top bugs are - use your product for real-world stuff yourself
and try to do it without having to use workarounds!

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> Hi Heather,
> > Am 21.10.2021 um 16:36 schrieb Heather Laine via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>:
> >
> > Dear list folks,
> >
> > We've just sent out a survey to try and determine what our top 10 bug
> list should look like. We would ask you please not to discuss the bugs you
> enter in the survey on the list, the forums or in general. We want your own
> unbiased opinions based on your personal needs and experiences.
> >
> > Thank you very much!
> >
> > Warmest Regards,
> >
> > Heather
> I did not receive any mails yet, but maybe this will take a little time.
> Just quoted this mail in the Facebook LC forum!
> Best
> Klaus
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