IDE crashing on Windows 10

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Sat Oct 16 04:50:29 EDT 2021

Here's what I decided to do. I've put an intercept handler in a frontscript
that doesn't allow mouseDown or mouseDoubleDown to pass if the target is
the scriptEditor field.

Those msgs are only sent when mousebutton 3 is used, so I'm disciplining
myself to only click with that button in the script editor.  If the crashes
stop, then it's one of these being handled somewhere in the message path.
Or it's some general defect with clicking in that field (with the normal
buttons) - that will be harder for me to workaround.  Yesterday I had the
IDE crash five or six times in the middle of editing a script.

I'm pretty sure the crashes have all been when the click happens with
button 1 (that's how I'd normally click in the script editor).  Using
button 3 might at least stop the crashes.

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