Stack with the same name loop

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That's the question of the century that has puzzled most of us. I always tap Purge and it 
works. As far as I know:

Cancel: don't load the new stack, keep the open one, do nothing else

Purge: close the open one and remove from memory, open the new stack

Save: It's unclear. Save the new one and leave it open? Save it and close it? Save, remove from 
memory, and open the new one? Probably the latter.

On 10/6/21 11:56 AM, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can someone give the definitive answer as to what to choose when I save my
> stack with a save as to create a new iterative version and it comes up with
> the prompt :
>        A stack with the same name as the one you are trying to load is
> already open.
>              Save    Purge    Cancel
> Whatever I do it ends up in a loop of asking this. I'm bored of having to
> force close LC to get over this. What is supposed to happen if I press
> Save? What is supposed to happen if I press Purge? And what about Cancel?
> I've never understood the need for purge AND save. Purge from what? Save
> and close? purge and close? It's just not clear to me as a long time user
> let alone a new user.
> Btw, just to avoid unnecessary responses, I already know I can just make a
> copy in the finder, clear LC memory and load that one in. My question is
> just trying to get an understanding of this prompt.
> Thanks
> Sean
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