LC Bug: Copying an Image fails

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Mar 17 15:28:44 EDT 2021


 > char 1 of rawclipboarddata["CF_BITMAP"] crashes it

That's simply standing on principle, which I find admirable!
After all, give us a char and we'll likely take ... an image. :)

But on the tech side, not surprising; char 1 of (the data).



 > I would consider this a serious LC bug.

Indeed it is!
Nor is this limited to rawclipboarddata.
Nor is it limited even to MS Word....

I can trigger the same crash with a copied image from OpenOffice.
All it takes is reading either of these:

fullClipboardData["windows metafile"]
fullClipboardData["windows enhanced metafile"]

I'll be filing a bug report (maybe two) this week.



 >  Return an error code or even just empty or something

A very prophetic statement; that appears to be the case on Mac.
I copy a Word image, LC "paste" is not enabled.

Thus, likely image copy/paste trouble is not limited to Windows.
(As opposed to the separate hard crash bug.)

In which case it should be an even more "relevant" priority.
More news on that after I've tested with latest LC.


Finally, I've heard that the LC Team will be taking a look.
That's encouraging news; thanks LC Team!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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