Groups appear as buttons in Project Browser

Andrew at MidWest Coast Media andrew at
Wed Jul 7 08:52:05 EDT 2021

I have a stack that seems to have lost “groups” on several cards (but not all of them). They are still part of the structure but not recognized in the Tree View of the Project Browser. Rather than expandable groups in the PB, they show up as buttons. I can hover over and the tooltip calls them groups, and I can open the PI which shows them as a group, but I can’t twirl down the group to see it’s contents. I can still right-click to edit the group (and subsequent child groups) like normal.

This behavior displays across several machines and LC versions and the groups are properly recognized in Geoff Canyon’s revNavigator. My research led me to <> but selectGroupedControls wasn’t the problem and ungrouping/regrouping didn’t fix the issue (but DID cause some weird layering issues when regrouping).

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I feel like I’m overlooking something simple.

--Andrew Bell

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