Cmi5 eLearning Standard in LiveCode MEETING TODAY AT 1 PM EST

David V Glasgow dvglasgow at
Tue Jan 19 14:09:22 EST 2021

I intended to comment on list, because I was impressed with Videolinkwell and thought folks on the list might be interested!

 I watched the videos and think your app is really cool and worthwhile.

There!  I did it again!

David G

> On 19 Jan 2021, at 5:37 pm, Martin Koob <mkoob at> wrote:
> Hi List.
> 😳
> I didn't mean to  spam everyone with this.  I did not notice I was conversing with David G  thru the use-LiveCode list till  just now.  We can take this offline.
> But since you now have the links you can do a trial of my software.  Curious what people think.

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