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William Prothero waprothero at
Mon Jan 18 17:20:00 EST 2021

I did understand that the server was pretty much like php, but I didn’t know how much beyond that it could go in terms of dynamic interaction with screen objects.

The reason I wanted to look into it’s use in a browser is that for education, lower level grades use a lot of browser based materials because they don’t require kids to download apps and the most disadvantaged of kids can mostly use a browser. Also, teachers are pretty much max’d out and want to keep things the way students are accustomed. Building a single web-based app that avoids the world of all the mobile apps and desktop idiosyncrasies is attractive. My experience is that building the app in Livecode is the easy/fun part and getting it on the wide variety of platforms (Apple, windows, Chromebooks, iPads, the Android variations, etc, etc) is the time-consuming/mind-numbing challenge. I have build iOS apps and hate to spend my time fighting the deployment issues.

My comments are from the perspective of a guy who is retired, enjoys building useful education tools, and gives away my creations for free to pay back the National Science Foundation for all the support I got while working. So, I’m trying to maximize my satisfaction from this hobby.

I came to Livecode from Director and Shockwave. I love Livecode, but wish it could do the same in a browser that it does so well with desktop and apps.

Everybody: Be Well, Be Safe, it’s been a crazy year in the US, and in the world too.


William Prothero

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