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Thu Jan 7 18:06:12 EST 2021


 > we have several customer who have said
 > they are upgrading to M1 laptops

Yes; important to support! I'm looking in that direction too. It'll be 
popular, plus it's what I can afford. Many people in the same boat.

(Backstory: Apple's biz model forces Apple to force us to spend on 
hardware. The mobile herd sticks with Apple, so the dev herd does too, 
so wallets must open and notes must rain down. But not satisfied yet 
with the rain from software tweaks, so now hardware tweaks too.)

I'm planning to get an M1 Mac this year, to get back on the bleeding 
edge for a while. It's time. My old Mac hardware is still perfectly 
good, it was well-built and has zero issues, but finally has been pushed 
into what will soon be an untenable corner by the combo of new OS to 
support and new chip to support. But the older Mac will continue to 
serve for testing and for transition dev if needed.

 > a sense of when LC 9.6.2 STABLE may be out?

Could be roughly predicted, maybe, by looking at what they are working 
on. I actually agree with LC's anti release date policy; announcing firm 
dates is just begging for another issue to pop up. But since Apple's biz 
model places so much pressure on devs to keep up, a sense would be good. 
Especially since third-party addons and widgets also have to keep up 
with our ecosystem.

(Another backstory: Don't forget the stable/stable linguistic play; I've 
seen RCs here that were actually more "stable" than the final, because 
glitches, regressions, and extra bugs are sometimes - perhaps often - 
introduced in the very process of fixing bugs. Depending on a stable to 
be stable is a gamble, and depending on the specific features in an app, 
there are times when the RC is more reliable. Nevertheless I really hate 
to publish anything with an RC; only when forced to do so.)

BTW, Paul knows all of this very well. I'm just replying publicly in 
case the backstories will benefit other readers here in the process. :)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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