Threads in LC

JeeJeeStudio jeejeestudio at
Thu Jan 7 15:35:31 EST 2021

For what i've seen and read is that one can run functions in their own 
thread, so you assign a thread to it.

I'm not very experienced in Python, but that is what i read and i found 
it interesting. (slowly progressing the motor project with simplepygui 
and the GPIO)

Perhaps it is another way of calling it parallel and am i 
misinterpreting it as assigning stuff to another core.

So what i actually meant is multiprocessing, would that give advantage?

Op 5-1-2021 om 22:38 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode:
> JeeJeeStudio wrote:
> > i will experiment some more and else continue with the Puthon version.
> Both Python and LiveCode are single-threaded.
> IIRC, Python offers parallelism as a programming style, but unless 
> you're using one of the special builds I don't believe it offers true 
> concurrency (though both can handle concurrent tasks through 
> multiprocessing).
> This may be helpful here: how would you approach this in Python?
> I wonder if we can tailor an LC approach to more closely resemble it, 
> or at very least arrive at a language feature proposal to give us 
> parallelism within a single-thread like Python does.

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