Complete Crash or Engine Hang: which is better?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Apr 29 10:38:11 EDT 2021

It seems that if you are making an application in LiveCode where a user 
can copy from 3rd party apps and paste into your LiveCode app, you 
almost have to add a routine to scrub the clipboard data of any 
"problem" data - which sees to be any non printable characters - or 
problems occur.

I thought one of the differences between clipboardData, 
fullClipboardData, and rawClipboardData was that LC 'scrubbed' the 
contents to ensure the correct format for the key used, but I have not 
found that to be the case.

I think enough people run into clipboard problems when developing in LC 
that some overhaul of the LC code for interacting with the clipboard is 
warranted to improve reliability.

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