Intermittent typing delay in script editor.

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Apr 8 13:06:12 EDT 2021

Based on the sum of anecdotal evidence, it would appear contributory 
factors may be primarily outdated/suboptimal Win timer APIs, coupled 
with overzealous file I/O from frequent DB (Dict?) accesses, perhaps others.

The workaround would be time spent focusing on just those specifics.

The solution would be to commit the IDE team to spending at least one 
full work day each week to doing their work on Windows (bonus points if 
they spend one day a fortnight on Linux).

As a multi-platform tool, scripting work should be robustly productive 
regardless of platform.  Wherever it isn't merits attention.

Direct first-hand experience within the core team will bring about 
immediate awareness, and thereby resolution, of issues long before 
potential new users uninstall LC for its uncommon slowness on Windows 
(or UI anomalies/feature abandonment on Linux).

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

thompsonmichael wrote:

 > I am using LC Indy 9.6.1 Build 15522 in Windows 10 on a Dell XPS -
 > 15-9570 with a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz   2.21 GHz
 > Processor, with 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable) RAM, and a Toshiba 256GB
 > Solid State Drive.
 > LC normally works lightning fast on this setup but over the last
 > couple of years I would occasionally experience a sudden slow down
 > in the script editor for no apparent reason. (Delays of seconds
 > sometimes between typing and the type appearing on the screen) I would
 > close everything and restart Livecode and all would be well again. It
 > didn't happen very often so I tolerated it.  Eventually I noticed this
 > only happened when I used the 'Message Box'. I usually put results
 > into a text field rather than use the message box but on occasion when
 > I wrote a 'Put' command with out a destination (in error) the result
 > the message box would appear. It was only after that that the slowdown
 > would occur. I am still tolerating it and closing LC when it happens
 > but wonder if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a work
 > around. I have given up on using the Message Box deliberately unless
 > absolutely necessary.

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