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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Apr 8 11:27:42 EDT 2021

Guys, Sean is bipolar. He's told us so, and it isn't entirely under his 
control. On the other hand, it isn't pleasant and it's disruptive.

Sean, the problem is, if the accusations and anger keep up, you may well be 
banned from the list. I understand it's hard to control, but you can't 
continue to berate people who've done you no harm and only mean the best. 
>From where we are, the accusations seem unreasonable. Your targets don't 
know what they've done to make you angry.

BTW, I've never blocked anyone on any list and I read everything. But when 
you get angry, I ignore it. I know what's going on but no response would help.

I've also hijacked your thread and could have answered privately but I 
thought other listers might want to know why your recent posts are so 


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