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I talk politics(including health care) all the time(ask Margaret) but this list is not the place for me. It's not because of some "rule" or "I'm afraid to show my political cards". It's for the same reason I don’t do it at RR conferences. I want to glean and learn as much information from my colleagues as possible. Even while having a pint at an RR event I learn more about our field than when I'm hanging with friends. So I will have a few pints with you good folks and maybe strum some chords or tinkle the ivories(music and the arts are my exception) but I try to limit the exchanging ideas to our field for selfish reasons not because of any "rule" or proper decorum. But that's me...

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If Sean has said he is bipolar then is it possible he is mistaken and actually a victim of government lies and abuse ?  The answer is yes.

I have told President Trump and President Biden about abuse to me involving BAH and Homeland Security with cover ups by the corrupt news media of in America.  This involves but is by in no means limited to being poisoned in my own home and having it be infested with spiders and ants.  That abuse alone is enough to cause people to break down mentally and physically.  This is covered up the the corrupt politicians in congress and senate and they all  hide from me like cowards.

Ban the Guns!  The first step is stop the abuse causing many people to break down.

A couple of years ago I was poisoned in my own home while I was using the computer and I suddenly went blind.  I needed to have eye surgery but I can see now.

President Biden needs to explain who is going to pay the health
costs for the many others being poisoned in their homes.   I am
already covered and he should know that since I told him he is allowed to access by medical records.

How do you know Sean is bipolar and not a victim of American government hidden crimes ?  Does he have any evidence other than maybe a doctor who was deceived by the government by them not knowing about these crimes?


> On Apr 8, 2021, at 8:29 AM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Guys, Sean is bipolar. He's told us so, and it isn't entirely under his control. On the other hand, it isn't pleasant and it's disruptive.
> Sean, the problem is, if the accusations and anger keep up, you may well be banned from the list. I understand it's hard to control, but you can't continue to berate people who've done you no harm and only mean the best. From where we are, the accusations seem unreasonable. Your targets don't know what they've done to make you angry.
> BTW, I've never blocked anyone on any list and I read everything. But when you get angry, I ignore it. I know what's going on but no response would help.
> I've also hijacked your thread and could have answered privately but I thought other listers might want to know why your recent posts are so combative.
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