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Wed Sep 23 18:24:38 EDT 2020

FYI I have a rudimentary document storage system developed where I can “check out” a document from my app so that no one else can check it out, which downloads the file from it’s repository into a temp folder. The user can then edit or work with the file, then check it in. It RETAINS the versions and detects if the metadata of the file has changed (date time modified) then imports a new copy if it has under an incrementing version number.

Thing is, right now I am pulling those files from a mySQL database, and so I have to limit the size of the binary. I have a way of sending and receiving files and data securely via socket agents, I just need to implement it. That would allow me to migrate all the mySQL storage off to real file storage, and would eliminate the size restriction.

Right now I am reticent to develop it because things are so slow at work, and I’m not sure they would want to use it anyway. But if anyone was interested in such a thing, I would feel more motivated.

Bob S

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For an ongoing need like that on a substantial project, I'd automate it:

She works on her master copy, then presses a button.  Done.

The button saves the stack, copies it to the munged name, and uploads it for her, even verifying the integrity of the upload afterward (machines don't mind the extra work).

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems

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