Big Sur and Drag and drop

James Hale james at
Wed Sep 16 00:17:32 EDT 2020


Just a question to others using Big Sur on their Macs.

I have an app which uses drag and drop to place a list of files in a field.

I drag the folder containing the files over the list, release the mouse and boom the list of files appear.

Today I went to use this app on my main Mac which is also running the latest Big Sur beta.

Dragging over the field and the cursor turns to a grey circle with diagonal line, i.e. no entry/go

Launching LC and opening the original stack and sure enough, the same thing.

My question, if you are using Big Sur and have an app that uses drag and drop in this way (to get a listing of files in a folder) could you please see if it still works?

If not I will submit a bug report.

Thanks in advance.


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