Livecode Podcast Player - earbud click?

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Fri Oct 23 06:26:28 EDT 2020

 From other threads and maybe on the forum similar is done for video of 
which the dev also wanted to catch likewise information when played in 
the browser.

So maybe if you search the list you might find some javascript which 
could help with that.

Op 23-10-2020 om 11:33 schreef David Bovill via use-livecode:
> Yes. I have some old code - seems to still work fetching and parsing RSS steams. I’m looking into the best way. To make the player now - browser or player widget?
> An interesting experiment this morning with earbuds - if I play an mp3 or a video in the player object and listen to the sound through the earbuds - pressing / clicking the earbuds has no effect on the playback. Using the machinery of the browser widget pauses and restarts the playback reliably. I want. This feature so I may well choose the browser widget unless I can figure out a message that is sent to the. Stack that I can trap?
> The issue is that I want to know the “currenttime” when the video is paused - this and other features would be easier using the player control. I guess I can use javascript if needed?
> On 23 Oct 2020, 09:38 +0100, JeeJeeStudio via use-livecode <use-livecode at>, wrote:
>> So in fact it needs to retrieve a list of podcast streams, user can pick a
>> stream, and then it has to play like an mp3 player. Can be done with either
>> the browser or audio player right?
>> Op vr 23 okt. 2020 10:29 schreef David Bovill via use-livecode <
>> use-livecode at>:
>>> I guess not - could not find anything in the forums or email thread.
>>> On 21 Oct 2020, 20:17 +0100, JeeJeeStudio via use-livecode <
>>> use-livecode at>, wrote:
>>>> You've just hijacked someone's said something last time.
>>> It's
>>>> now a totally different subject.
>>> That’s fine :) It’s kind of related to the general subject of community
>>> contribution. My understanding is that the general approach to that has not
>>> helped produce an organised collection of material - whether this is the
>>> documentation, or the library of Livecode components. There is the usual
>>> tension between centralised quality control and wiki like easy open
>>> community contribution.
>>> I agree with Sean that we can all contribute to this, but a little
>>> improvement in the architecture that supports such collaboration would also
>>> help I believe. It is harder than I think necessary to find stacks and code
>>> related to for instance podcasts and RSS feeds. I’m pretty sure that this
>>> has been worked on multiple times over the last 10 years, but the
>>> combination of forum, email, and resource library does not do justice to
>>> what we could achieve.
>>> Maybe I’m wrong - and no one has produced a podcast player in Livecode? My
>>> understanding is that an easy to contribute set of tools that made it
>>> easier to share stacks and code would help here. As I see it the attempts
>>> that have been made historically have been somewhat too “closed” for there
>>> to the right sort of community contribution.
>>> I can mainly speak for my personal experience, but if I produce this
>>> podcast player, and various libraries for it - then historically I haven't
>>> really see a good way to share that. When I come across errors or
>>> improvements I want to make to the dictionary I don’t really see how, or
>>> have quite enough faith that my contributions will valued - so I make a
>>> note to “do that later” and well - don’t.
>>> There is a form of federated architecture for user contributions that
>>> looks promising that can help. Essentially the trick is to combine both
>>> that ability of people to make their own personal notes / changes and
>>> contributions by forking existing material, while also making it very easy
>>> to combine these contributions into an editorial synopsis. That way each
>>> Livecode author wold have a tool for their own personal productivity use,
>>> and the overall community gets the value of the shared content production.
>>> Right now the balance between my personal space and the sharing is in an
>>> unhealthy state of mediation.
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