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Tue Oct 13 20:09:00 EDT 2020


You could use scaleFactor to resize the IDE elements, such as:
	set the scalefactor of stack "revtools" to 2

If you type into the message box:
	put the stacks

you’ll get a list of the IDE stacks:
/Applications/LiveCode Business box/revmessagebox.8.rev

/Applications/LiveCode Business

/Applications/LiveCode Business

Having a script somewhere that sets the scaleFactor for each should do the trick.

Peter Bogdanoff

> On Oct 13, 2020, at 3:40 PM, John McKenzie via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hello, all.
> I do not want to be asking this as it seems like something I can
> easily look up, and it is a simple thing, but I am asking because I just
> could not find out on my own despite trying. Trying allot at that.
> The interface for the Livecode IDE is too small on my fancy, new 4k
> monitor. I have changed OS settings to help with other programs and
> it has for most of them. Some of the unaffected ones had built in
> features to help with the interface resolution and others are still a
> problem for me.
> Livecode is unaffected by everything. Would someone please tell me if
> Livecode has anything inside it to change the IDE interface resolution
> or if I have to depend on my operating system to take care of it?
> Livecode 9.6 build 15516
> Kubuntu 18.04.1
> Every reference I find talks about making your livecode stacks/apps
> look better in 4k while all I care about right now is getting the IDE
> to look legible at 4k.
> Thanks for any help provided. Sorry to ask something like this on the
> list.
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