Interface Resolution

John McKenzie davros at
Tue Oct 13 18:40:21 EDT 2020

 Hello, all.

 I do not want to be asking this as it seems like something I can
easily look up, and it is a simple thing, but I am asking because I just
could not find out on my own despite trying. Trying allot at that.

 The interface for the Livecode IDE is too small on my fancy, new 4k
monitor. I have changed OS settings to help with other programs and
it has for most of them. Some of the unaffected ones had built in
features to help with the interface resolution and others are still a
problem for me.

 Livecode is unaffected by everything. Would someone please tell me if
Livecode has anything inside it to change the IDE interface resolution
or if I have to depend on my operating system to take care of it?

Livecode 9.6 build 15516
Kubuntu 18.04.1

 Every reference I find talks about making your livecode stacks/apps
look better in 4k while all I care about right now is getting the IDE
to look legible at 4k.

 Thanks for any help provided. Sorry to ask something like this on the

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