Live code Server revOpenDatabase help needed

kevin at kevin at
Wed Jul 15 06:07:53 EDT 2020


I've been running a very old (32bit lc server v6 on Ubuntu 16) for years and
the following script works to connect to the SQL database.
My new(er) server (64bit lc server v9 on Debian 8) throws up ~Function:
error in function handler (revOpenDatabase)~ so something has clearly
changed. I've tried removing the socket references, changing the connection
type but the error message remains the same. Has the syntax for
revOpenDatabase changed and I'm reading old documentation again?


# connect to the database
command dbConnect
put "/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock" into _Socket
	put revOpenDatabase("MySql", "localhost:3306", _dbName, _dbUser,
_dbPass,, _Socket) into DB
	if DB is not a number then put "Error: could not connect to
database!" & BR
end dbConnect

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