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Tue Jul 7 20:36:34 EDT 2020

On 07/07/2020 18:46, Tom Glod via use-livecode wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> For years I have owned the domain "". At one point I lost
> it, but decided to buy it again a few months ago.
> ...
> Recently,I am seeing the glaring need in the community (also touched on by
> recent threads):
Yes, I agree (some).
> I don't have a ton of time to spend on it, but thanks to modern tools, I
> don't need lots of time.
> Please give me a quick reply
> 1. If this interests you.
> 2. And If you would like to be involved with it

1. Yes, I'm interested.

2. Yes, I'd ike to be involved.

3. BUT I am wary :-)

I fully agree that we are missing some of those things, and that a 
community effort could maybe help fill some of them. But we also already 
suffer from duplication and fragmentation (and too many possible places 
to have to go look).

So I think that unless we are confident that there is enough interest, 
commitment and agreement on goals, we would be better off not even 
starting . Sorry if that sounds negative - but the last thing we need to 
do is to use up the rather scarce resource we have (i.e. our own time) 
on a likely-to-fail effort.

So I'm going to pick over your stated goals, and comment on them. Partly 
think of this as an attempt to avoid "boiling the ocean" - we'd be 
better getting success on 2 or 3 goals than only a little bit of 
progress on 10 of them.

> Here are my goals:
> For to be a "modern" central hub for:

Not sure what 'modern' is (or whether I like it :-)  And central could 
mean 'one place for everything' which I think is not practical.

The goals, rearranged into a different order to suit me:

> LC News
> Member Post Feed
> Communication between members (forums / PMs)
Here I think we already have adequate choices (and fragmentation). I 
would love to find a way to unify the forums and the use-list - but if 
it was going to be easy, it would have happened by now. And a separate 
(non-LCLtd) solution is just going to be another fragment.
> (Up-to-date) Educational resources
Yeah, could be possible.
> Code snippets
> Sample Files
Yes, definitely. I think there is a particular gap in this area 
(libraries) but I'll keep that for a possible later detailed discussion.
> Events / Online & Live
> Community Polls (to help livecode inc to understand us better)
Yes - I'm sure there is interest for this, even if we are all not sure 
what we want, we really do want something.
> Developer Directory (And maybe project submission for developer bids??)
> and Ad space for anyone whose target market is LC Developers.
Yes, why not.

I hope you (we) can get something going, even if I'm not sure yet what I 
most want it to be.


P.S. is it "love livecode" or "love. live. code." ?

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