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I’ve been creating a website built in LiveCode but NOT LC Server. I opted to using php for server end calls as we connect into a mySQL database on the server. The message path is LC > tiny amounts of JS > a small PHP library of function calls > JS message transport > LC. LC does all the heavy lifting. JS is ONLY for sending messages to and from php. PHP is pretty much only for communication with the database, sending emails, downloading and uploading files to and from the users desktop/file system. 

What was you wanting LC Server accomplish? Was you using an LC front end or only looking to use it for backend stuff?

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> On 3 Jul 2020, at 16:47, Heriberto Torrado via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> The customer cares about the backend, because he wants to be sure he will find a livecode hosting company in the future. We will host the web page into our own servers.
> We currently offer PHP, Python  and LiveCode hosting.
> I'm honest with my customers and I told him about Livecode backend hosting pros & cons.
> There are other companies offering LiveCode hosting, but in Spain it is not very popular.
> It will not be the typical Wordpress webpage, it will be a small Human Resources website for their employees.
> It would be easier to do it with Python-Flask or Django, but I'm very excited to do it using livecode.
> Thank you very much for those links.

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