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Fri Jan 31 23:16:19 EST 2020

That's perfect, thank you. 1&2 were already at the top of my high priority
list. 3 & 4 I fully appreciate. Certainly, 3a and 3b should be relatively
easy to achieve. 3c and 4 slightly less so although I would be happy to
hear your guidance on this. I'm assuming you already know where to find the
current emscripten code base. and everything
starting with 'em-'.

em-event.js is the one for 1 & 2 causing the problem mainly because of its
use of now deprecated event handlers. That's what I am working on right

em-dc, em-nativeLayer and em-surface are what is likely to do with 3 & 4.
Maybe also em-preamble-overlay.js.

em-clipboard obviously may have some relevance to the clipboard issue but
I'm working on the assumption first it is more likely just a keyboard/input
event issue.

Let me know if you see anything in there that stands out to you. Ian at LC
Mothership helped me get set up for building and editing in Linux so I can
test anything I change. So far its very promising. It would be great to
have it ready for and included in LC9.7/10.0

Sean Cole
*Pi Digital *

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> > Sean C. wrote (in thread 'Brave'):
> > ... can you put together a priority list of items that need to
> > be fixed in HTML5 deployment as I am currently adjusting the code.
> > I mean things that should just work without running external
> > JS workarounds like most of the key commands not working in a
> > simple text field, etc.
> [Adjusting which code? If this is some part of the standalone
> builder I would like to see it.]
> My list is long. To avoid that minor things are solved instead of
> the major ones here the most important only (ordered by importance):
> 1. *Full* keyboard and mouse (incl. wheel) support.
> 2. Support for usual field shortcuts (selectAll, copy, cut, paste,
> undo) and rawkey handlers.
> 3. Improve the canvas generation:
> Currently LC generates canvases for stacks, tooltips and
> menus that are without querying windowIDs for all stacks
> undistinguishable. Often menus and tooltips are hidden by stacks:
> 3a. Menus need to have an own fixed (very high) z-level,
> 3b. Tooltips need to have an own fixed (very high) z-level,
> 3c. Stacks need an own class for easier access in DOM.
> 4. Add a draggable, resizable windowing system (adding titlebar,
> decorations) with automatic layering (z-levels).
> Using js workarounds I got 1.+2. by using native fields and 3.+4.
> by adjusting a panel-script of 350 lines (I tried 5 libs, only
> one worked with the LC-menu-canvases, see htmlPlayer).
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