Changing extention on script only stack

Greg (Pink) Miller livecode at
Wed Jan 15 11:29:07 EST 2020

My need for external editors is mostly for Windows (again, the Windows
machines I use are very very old).
I also like reviewing and editing code on my iPad when I am on the go, so
having external scripts is useful even when I don't have LC running. What
else am I going to do at a red light?

but I also have gotten used to using Atom and love it because it is highly
customizable, I can just do a lot from within it that I can't do in the
built-in editor, I can pull and push from Github, I can leave myself
bookmarks and use macros... it's terrific... and faster

the only reasons I ever use the built-in script editor is for watching
variable values, debugging, breakpoints and stepping through scripts... and
I hate when I have to do that because of its performance

Honestly, instead of asking the LC team to beef up the built-in editor, I
would rather they work on providing those debugging capabilities and other
features with external editors. Ditch the built-in editor for a more
seamless integration with Atom (I would argue it is the best option since
it is cross-platform and free.) Heck maybe it just needs one single good
Atom plugin to catch signals from Livecode similar to the remote debugger.
Since I have no idea how it really works I am just assuming it would be
easy to modify ;)

And if I am making whoever is in charge of the built-in editor cry, you are
still loved, and we'll try not to get rid of you

On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 5:08 PM Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
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> Bob Sneidar wrote:
>  > Let's remember this is just Windows we are talking about. I have no
>  > issues whatsoever with the OS X version of LC Script Editor...
> While performance issues are most evident on Windows, there's some
> noticeable lag on Mac too.  Most who use external editors here are on Mac.
> And then there are oddities that affect all platforms, like the line
> numbers getting out of sync with the text when scrolling.
>  > ...but the few times I really needed to code and debug in Windows
>  > it was like scratching my eyes out with a toothpick.
> Yeah, that.
> I'll throw in a debugger for free if someone takes me up on by editor
> offer.
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