LC Server - HTTP response code 500: permission denied error

Ralf Bitter rabit at
Wed Feb 19 09:54:48 EST 2020

If your server environment is 64bit and you upgrade your
revIgniter installation to 2.x then from my point of view there
is no reason not to use the latest stable LC server version.
In any case the revIgniter version 2.x requires LC server 9.0
or higher.


> On 19. Feb 2020, at 15:09, Martin Koob via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi again Ralf
> Looking online for that message "not a dynamic executable”  most of the comments talk about missing 32 bit Linux libraries and I checked <> and see that LiveCode 6.1.0 is 32 bit.  So I guess my options are get the host to add the 32 bit Linux libraries or replace livecode-server with the 64 bit version.  The linux 64 bit version I see is  7.0.  Since I want to upgrade LiveCode server anyway  I think I will go with the later.  Any suggestions as to what is the best version to be running.  Are there and changes or upgrades  that need to be made to RevIgniter to ensure compatibility?
> Thanks for your help.
> Martin

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