Does any one know what Player "intervals" actually are?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Feb 18 16:40:56 EST 2020

Hi Martin,

Thanks for you post/reply. As we are updating our application, all times 
are being stored in seconds (real number) and converted to and from 
intervals as needed. Just like you in your application.

The old version of our application stored data in user document files. 
In these files, some data was stored as only intervals, without a 
timeScale to properly translate back to seconds for newer frameworks. I 
was hoping there might be some rules I could apply to determine how 
these interval (only) values could be converted to times without a 
timescale value. In doing research and contacting LiveCode support, the 
answer is: They can not (or at least not practically). The only way 
would be to open the exact same media file in a helper app that is built 
in an old version of LIveCode that uses Quicktime to get the original 
Interval for each media file referenced in our user documents that needs 
intervals converted. This is impractical as we can not expect the 
installation of Quicktime under Windows any more and older LC helper app 
will not run under macOS Catalina to name just a few of the obstacles.

The table of timescales in my original post is also distorted as many of 
the media files are the exact same clip, just encoded in another format. 
I am sure if I sampled a wider variety of clips I would see a much wider 
range of timeScales.

Lastly, my inquiry was also looking to actually understand what 
"intervals" really are, mostly out of curiosity and interest.  I am 
still curious as to what exactly "intervals" are. LC support just says 
that they get them from the media frameworks and pass them along.

Thanks again for your reply.

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