Encrypting Stack Breaks Field References

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Tue Dec 22 17:21:29 EST 2020


 > The promise of creating standalones and encrypted stacks
 > containing code sounds promising, but there are caveats.

Just like anything else - you have to learn the ropes. First time at any 
task can present some challenges. For those in the habit of encrypting 
stacks, it comes more naturally.

Script-only would require the most discipline, so start with UI+script 
projects and work your way up from there.

(Bug-reporting as you go, if necessary. The history of LC protection, 
like LC everything else, has not been without hiccups along the way.)


No idea if it happened in this particular case, but I see plenty of 
similar problems people have due to the copy/paste LC coding culture.

By which I mean: How do I do X in LC? Ah, here's some code - presto!

The problem SEEMS solved. Learning SEEMS to have happened.

The perfect Acme solution. Then a different context comes along, maybe a 
different OS, or an encrypted stack and - wham - coyote hits a wall. 
Road runner zooms away.

People don't realize (and someone may pipe up and argue against) the 
fact that just because code works once, in one context, doesn't mean 
it's good code that should be liberally pasted. Or promoted as sample 
code. There is so much sample code out there, but the quality really 
varies. Bad sample code can hurt people.

So to all coders in general and Livecoders in particular - be careful 
what you paste. Have realistic expectations and a cautious approach. 
Take the time to understand the code you're working with and the LC 
keywords involved.

Good code has some extra qualities, such as: robust, efficient, modular, 
easy to maintain, and widely applicable. Bonus for heavily tested.

Likewise, copy/paste coding does not result in the same level of coding 
proficiency as fluency to think and write in the LC language. You have 
to exercise your LC-cep just like any other muscle.

(Here I would anticipate a smart aleck asking why don't I post all the 
perfect samples; there is always some pushback against both common sense 
and less-frequent posters on this list. But as usual, I've already 
answered that question before it was asked. Sorry coyote. Beep beep.)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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