Android Keystore signing problem

scott at scott at
Sun Dec 20 20:04:32 EST 2020

When trying to create an update for an app on Google Play I am getting this message when attempting to create the standalone .apk.

"There was an error while saving the standalone application
signing failed - Certificate chain not found for: <my keystore alias>.    <my keystore alias> must reference a valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding public key certifcate chain."

(Where <my keystore alias> is actually my keystore alias.)

This is the same keystore file that I have used in the past. My understanding (and failed attempts) indicate that creating a new keystore file won’t work if I’m using it to update an existing app on the Play Store.
I’m quite inexperienced with android builds. Any suggestions would be most welcome as I’ve about run out of ideas (and Google search queries.)

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