Livecode server configuration: tracking down and Apache redirect

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Dec 20 13:13:37 EST 2020

David Bovill wrote:

 > The server return 400 Not Found when routing for a *.json file, while
 > 200 OK when routing for a *.txt file - all other conditions seem the
 > same.
 > The .htaccess in the $DOCUMENT_ROOT folder does not mention json file
 > endings.

Ah, we may have been looking at this backwards.

Rather than ask why Apache ISN'T serving JSON, we might ask why it SHOULD.

IIRC, following the general principle of least access Apache's defaults 
serve only a small number of types, and additional types must be added 

Just as we use directives to tell Apache to recognize the file type 
".lc", you should be able to tell it to recognize .json by adding this 
to Apache's config:

     AddType application/json .json

Details here also show how to force UTF-8 for json, along with other tips:

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